Quick Question for Adobe: What Logo Will "Flash Builder" Use?

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Inquiring (make that "trivial") minds want to know: What logo will Adobe now associate with the re-branded, better than ever, sliced bread tasty "Flash Builder"?

Since Adobe seems to have somewhat linked the underlying technology that their authoring/development tools use to those tools by making both share similar logos (e.g. the red Fl for Flash CS4 to match the red f for the Flash platform proper), what does that mean for the upcoming re-branding of Flex Builder to Flash Builder?

Flex Builder currently has a gray Fx as a logo. Flash also has a red logo... Will the gray Fx therefore be replaced with a red Fx? (Oh but "Fx" still makes me think of Flex and that word is now a no-go as far as Builder is concerned)

Ok, then. Will Builder get a gray Fl, like a Flash CS4 logo only much, much more serious? (But then what about colour-blind people who can't distinguish red from gray?)

Hmmm. It sure does make one ponder. (For about 10 seconds and then you go back to doing actual work.)

[Follow-up edit: I just got my answer: The new logo is a gray "Fb". Boy do I feel better now that that's out of the way!]

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