Tilde Console Gets Free Plug on The Flex Show

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When you get mentioned on the premiere Flex-related podcast, you know you've finally arrived.

Episode 115 of The Flex Show podcast is primarily an interview with Nate Beck and Ben Garney, key members of the pure Actionscript (but wholly Flex friendlyPushButton games engine project. When asked how PushButton can be used in non-gaming Flex applications, among other things, Nate mentioned how I forked off the Console part of the engine for use in any Flex application. It was a very kind thing to do, even though he almost forgot my name ;)

Much thanks to Nate for giving Tilde a mention and to Ben for coding up a clever, elegant and blazingly fast text rendering solution for the console as only an experienced ├╝ber low-level C++/Actionscript games developer could.

So now that the word about Tilde is finally getting out, I'd love to hear from someone out there who's tried it, is using it, loves it or hates it. I use the console extensively in my own development and it has proven itself invaluable... hopefully someone else out there will agree.

Related links:
    • You can listen to the podcast here.
    • If you haven't checked it out yet, the source code for the Tilde Developer Console can be found here.
    • To see what it all looks like, check out the Tilde demo app here. (Hint: after you've clicked the button to start up logging, hit the tilde key (i.e. "~") to display the console.)

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