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Where's the LCDS Love?

Why do you think that many enterprise Flex developers don't use LiveCycle Data Services?

Someone recently asked me why I thought the take-up of LiveCycle Data Services among developers isn't more, um enthusiastic. Unlike almost any other development tool I've used, I don't recall hearing anyone complaining about the level of functionality offered by LCDS. That's certainly to the credit of the product managers and development team at Adobe, but exactly why isn't such a powerful tool more popular in the developer community?

It's certainly a difficult question and I wouldn't dare profess to have a definitive answer. I've therefore decided to share my thoughts while humbly asking for yours. You never know, maybe someone at Adobe will read this and take note.

Keep in mind that all I have to go on are conversations with developers and from reading blogs, so definitely consider these musings "non-scientific" and loaded with lots of hyperbole (the spice that makes blogging fun).

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